Carrion Crown ICT

Carrion Crown, Session 17

Death(s) in Thrushmoor, or When Will They Learn of Their Mortality?

The group returned to the bosom of Feldgrau, and walked unknowingly straight into the den of the Demon Wolves. Falchions, bites, diseases, and a big bastard sword to the face did not stop the group, but it made them regroup a little.

The group found their way in to the former inn of the town, where they found a ghost stuck in an agonizing loop of self-recrimination. After befriending him, they learned the town’s history and convinced the ghost to help them tap into the knowledge of the deceased Auren Vrood.

Amongst the visions, the most informative was of two riders dressed in black were dispatched to Thrushmoor, one with a chest with a vial filled with gray mist, a portion of the Packlord’s heart, and a skull assembled from bones in Feldgrau’s mass grave, the other with the Seasage Effigy in a small sack.

The rest of the cultists were routed, and the remaining undead wiped out in a combat montage, and the mass grave in the town square was emptied and put to rest in consecrated ground.

The group and its wagon train then went on to Carrionton to rest, recuperate, and to improve their equipment in an R & R montage.

In Thrushmoor, they asked around town, looking for the two riders. The group learned the riders were seen changing horses, and one headed west, and another east. It was unclear which rider went where.

At the stable, a kindly old man was fixing a wagon. As the group questioned him and helped him with the wagon, he remained vague with his answers, and then grew suspicious. He then revealed his hidden daggers, and called forth his ambush ghouls with rogue levels, and there was much paralysis.

Poor Atrian and Dealer met their fate in that stinking stable, but so did the stable master/assassin and his pet ghouls. Now Lukascz and Murray must regroup and find their way without their friends.


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