Carrion Crown ICT

Carrion Crown, Session 29

Oh! The stakes go >in< the vampires

The group forged ahead with their exploration of the basement of the tailor shop, finding more supplies, empty coffins, full coffins of torporific vampires, and even coffin mimics (now with rogue levels!), the group grew weary of vampires.

Finally, they found Radmir Giovanni’s coffin, and his five guardians. Things went well, then okay, then sideways, then Radmir was finally overwhelmed and staked. The group bound him and took him back to Luvick Siervage, who had the traitor tied to the highest peak in Caliphas with magical chains to await the dawn.

Also in the tailor’s shop they found papers indicating that the court intrigue angle was a put on, to throw investigators off the trail. The real driving force behind the plot are sister witches at the Abbey of St. Lymirin north of the city.

Also, Evgenya extracted her first deed from each of the group. After drinking Lukascz’s blood, her mouth and throat blistered. His ego grew three sizes that day.


catharsis_in_g catharsis_in_g

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