Carrion Crown ICT

Carrion Crown, Session 30

After properly equipping themselves, our intrepid heroes headed for the Abbey of St. Lymirin. After admiring the orchard, the heroes slipped into the carriage house where they were accosted by powerful Witchfires, the ghosts of hags slain by Oothi, a terrible hag that threatened the region years ago.

After a brief scuffle, they managed to negotiate their way out of the fight and win passage down a secret entrance into the underground of the Abbey. There, a cunning Symbol of Fear trap sent Murray and Emilia fleeing in blind terror. Murray went upstairs and played ring around the rosie with some mercenaries before fleeing across the lake. Emilia accidentally found the lair of one of the weird sisters and her undead blood knight servant. Thanks to the heroism of Lukascz, Emilia was freed from the dread spell and they managed to escape the spells of the witch and the leaden tread of her blood knight champion.

Having lost both the strategic and tactical elements of surprise, the group retreated, rested, and came back with a new method of entry: through the bell tower, flying and invisible. They ambushed the second witch in her lab, failing to slay her familiar, and getting an intimate look at the whirlwind rules with the help of a summoned air elemental. After cowing the charmed guards into terrified submission, the group looted the lab and prepared to descend further into the abbey.


catharsis_in_g catharsis_in_g

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