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Carrion Crown, Session 31

After cleaning out the lab, the party discovered a skeleton in the Abbey’s closet – or rather, its Library, as they found the body of Oothi. Leaving Murray to continue spooking the guards locked up in the 2nd floor, they descended to the first floor where they found a more Charmed guards gossiping about recent weirdness. Here, Emilia went a little senile, and forget that her entire powerset was focused around solving the problem this scenario presented. While she wandered around and looked at maps, the rest of the party and the Goat of Travail cleaned up the guards. Further exploration of the first floor found a wine closet and a charm that forced interlopers to drink the (probably poisoned) wine. Lukaszc succumbed to the charm, but being a dwarf, only lost the tiny shred of remaining cleanliness he had to being soaked in wine.

Then, the party checked out the carriage house, where a totally ordinary stablehand was shoveling manure. While they almost slipped away without being noticed, Emilia decided to try to spook this clearly human stablehand, who promptly responded by casting magic on them and revealing that he was, in fact, a bad ass Glabzeru demon. The witch is now 0-2.

After talking their way out of the demon fight, they descended to the basement and finally confronted the witches and their blood knight. The blood knight didn’t last long before the dwarf inquisitor, while the witches placed down some fog and started skulking about. It was a confusing fight, with plenty of magical grasping prehensile limbs, Emilia getting confused and mistaking her own eye for a baby, and other general unpleasantness. After the human witch was slain and the vampire witch returned to her coffin, the party dashed off to the stone sarcophagus to stake her only to find the Symbol trap from last session replaced. Savrin and Emilia fled, while the dwarf put an end to the terror of the Abbey once and for all.

Regrouping, the group found a trio of spirit naga, presumably the source of the many charmed guards in the manor. One of them was transformed into hypnotoad in the single act of competency the witch made all session long. The others dropped plenty of fireballs that made the witch take a toasty nap while the Magus and Inquisitor cleaned house.

They returned home afterward, leaving a set of wood golems to maintain eternal vigil over the exsanguination room, and also never discovering a paladin who had been turned into a vampire. The tortured soul fought the hunger for as long as he could, before forcing himself to watch the dawn, all unknown to the merry marauders we call our protagonists.

Back in Caliphas, the party received a letter from the Nosferatu they had freed, confirming that the Whispering Way was indeed trying to restore the Whispering Tyrant, as well as informing them of the likely hideout of the cult. As the curtain closes on Act V of Carrion Crown, are heroes prepare for the final confrontation with the forces of the Tyrant.


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